Frequently Asked Questions

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Project LAND is a program focused on supporting former Notre Dame student-athletes and student-managers in their lives after Notre Dame. Our goal is to work with qualifying individuals to identify and coordinate the resources and services uniquely designed to assist in helping to overcome the special challenges (schedule, mindset, identity, and professional aspirations) of post-athletic transitions.

Any former student who has participated in practice or played in a game for a varsity sport at the University of Notre Dame. This also includes any students that served as a manager for a varsity team while enrolled at the University of Notre Dame.

For qualifying beneficiaries, LAND offers a range of services including but not limited to:

  • Post-Athletic Career Transitions Coaching
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training
  • Mental Wellness Safety Net Navigation Services
  • Physical Health Care & Rehabilitation Navigation Services
  • Emergency Assistance (based on specific, published criteria and qualifying circumstances)

Yes. Eligible individuals can access LAND services remotely through video conferencing, telephone, and email.  Additionally, some of the services offered by LAND can be accessed in person depending on the location and specific circumstances.

Program participation is currently limited to the United States. We may evaluate expanding our service area in the future.

Contact LAND at (574) 318-0722 or for information on how to get started with any of the LAND resources and services.

Outside of extenuating circumstances, individuals will generally receive a response regarding eligibility within 24 hours of their initial inquiry.

LAND services are free for former Notre Dame student-athletes and student-managers. However, some of our partners do charge a fee to beneficiaries for their services including: mental wellness safety net treatment services and physical health care & rehabilitation treatment services if qualifying individuals do not have health insurance.

Generally, there is no cost for qualifying individuals seeking support in post-athletic career transition coaching or innovation and entrepreneurship training.  However, some of our partners may charge a fee to beneficiaries for additional services.

Emergency assistance is available through a needs-based, relief mechanism available to qualifying individuals who are having difficulty paying their daily living expenses (i.e., rent/mortgage, utilities, food, etc.).

Qualifying individuals can access emergency assistance in two ways:

  1. Complete an on-line, confidential application. The application can be completed in 10 – 15 minutes.
  2. Contact Dr. Tom Carter, CEO & President at (703) 431-1801 or

The Emergency Assistance application is received, processed, and reviewed by the Board of Directors of LAND, which is unaffiliated with the University of Notre Dame. The Board of Directors evaluates the merits of the application against published assistance criteria and provides an answer related to that award via telephone or email. Turnaround time for review of the Emergency Assistance application depends on the completeness of the information submitted.

No. Qualifying individuals are not required to “pay back” any amount they have received in emergency assistance.

Yes. Privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance to LAND and the qualifying individuals it serves. The LAND’s Privacy Policy and all information related to protected health information can be found on the website.

If a recipient of the program would like to share their story to help create awareness, LAND would be privileged to publish these stories with written consent from the individual.

Spreading the word about who we are at LAND and the resources we offer is a cornerstone to helping former student-athletes and student-managers who face the unique challenges of post-athletic career transitions. Providing these individuals with a team of supporters is as easy as contacting Dr. Tom Carter, CEO & President at (703) 431-1801, or complete the Contact Us form found on the website.