Resources Available to Former Student Athletes*

*Also available to former Notre Dame student-managers

Project LAND provides access to tools and resources in 5 key areas, helping to ensure a successful transition to life after sports.

Click each section in the model below to learn what’s available to create a post-athletic game plan.

Mental Wellness & Safety Net Navigation
Emergency Assistance
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training
Post-Athletics Career Transitions
Physical Health Care Navigation & Rehabilitation

Post-Athletic Career Transitions

Provide former student-athletes with the resources necessary to prepare for their next career through 1:1 career coaching, resume building, mock interviews, goal assessments, professional profile curation, and more.  Click here to begin your career transition. 

Mental Wellness and Safety Net Navigation

Partner with leading mental health wellness experts across the country who offer immediate access to a range of high-quality services including telepsychiatry, in-person rehabilitation clinics, an online education platform, and much more.

Physical Health Care Navigation & Rehabilitation

Access the nation’s leading post-acute and critical illness recovery network and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as a growing national network of orthopedic doctors in every major city. 

Emergency Assistance*

Emergency assistance is a needs-based, relief mechanism available to qualifying individuals who are having difficulty paying their daily living expenses (i.e., rent/mortgage, utilities, food, etc.).

*Download forms here, and contact LAND for further questions

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training 

Coming soon! Whether interested in bringing a new idea to market, understanding the basics of entrepreneurship and innovation or looking for help with an existing business, collaborate with a variety of partners to build the necessary skills to further these efforts.