About Project LAND

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The jersey is proudly hung up for the last time.  The ball is now left on the field for others to pick up.  The next step in life’s journey awaits.  But, the gameplan to get there seems uncertain and overwhelming.

Project LAND is ready to play.  It provides the tools and resources necessary to empower former student-athletes and student-managers to successfully transition to their post athletic career.  Resources include career transition coaching, innovation / entrepreneurial training, mental wellness and safety net navigation, physical health care and rehabilitation navigation services, and emergency assistance.

Life After Notre Dame (LAND) was initially created in 2019 with a philanthropic gift provided by Notre Dame alumni, Jack Shields, Sr. (ND ‘83) and his wife Kathy Shields in support of the football program for which Jack Sr. proudly played.

In April 2022, LAND expanded its reach to all former Notre Dame student-athletes of all 26 varsity sports, and added a founding member to its roster, Pat Eilers (ND ’89).  As former football players they personally understand the unique challenges faced by former student-athletes, and that’s why they got to work off the field.  With the same grit and humility, they played with on the field, their new mission was to create a personalized model of care identifying and coordinating tools and resources based on the specific needs of each former student-athlete.  Partnering with Dr. Tom Carter III (ND ’95), Project LAND CEO, these former student-athletes want nothing more than to “pay it forward” by putting the “4-for-Forever” promise into effect for future generations, building a strong community and a diverse and dynamic “buddy system” of alumni who care to make a difference.


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