LAND works side-by-side with our partners and supporters to help student-athletes, – managers, and -trainers successfully navigate the complex challenges of their post-athletic transition. Read or listen to what others have to say about LAND.

There is a cohort of devastation from ages 25-35 stemming from a shift in one’s management of energy – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Haphazard self-care leads to a 1-2lb weight gain each year and the eventual diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. Coupled with unaddressed loneliness, people will die. LAND and the Shield’s Foundation programming increases connections among former athletes and helps address the leading causes of death in our country.

Dr. Brian Hainline

USTA Chairman of the Board and President

Former NCAA Chief Medical Officer

University of Notre Dame Tennis Player

A Discussion of LAND and the Jack & Kathy Shields Family Hall

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Be sure to watch Pete Bevacqua’s entire video on YouTube.

Peter ‘Pete’ Bevacqua (’93)

Vice President and James E. Rohr Director of Athletics

University of Notre Dame